Chuck's Southern Comforts Cafe - Burbank

Job 163173 - Chuck's Restaurant Expeditor
Burbank, IL

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Job Details

Location: Burbank, IL
Employment Type: Full-Time
Salary: Competitive

Job Description

Food expeditors communicate orders and information between the front of house and back of house, making sure that food is cooked in the right order, quickly, and presented to the customer as beautifully as possible. Expeditors make sure the orders are being cooked in a timely fashion, so that all orders for a table are ready at the same time and make sure that once the food is cooked, servers run food to the table while it's warm and ready. They explain special orders to the cooks, and tell servers when the kitchen is out of a particular menu item. Expeditors at Chuck's also have to bag to-go orders and ensure that the order leaves the resturant correctly. It is also the Expeditors job to corrdinate and ensure that food deliveries arrive as fast as possible and as fresh as possible.


  • ?Time Management Skills: Kitchens get busy quickly, food can get ruined easily if you cannot manage your time. Great time management will help you avoid burned or spoiled food and angry customers
  • Must have great Leadership skills
  • Must be able to multi-task
  • Must work well under pressure 
  • Must have Food Handler Certificate
  • Must know entire menu inside and out

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